Over the past few days I've been having "fun" trying to get a Vagrant and test-kitchen working with a Windows 7 guest OS. The ultimate goal here is to get the same rigorous Chef development and testing cycle I've come to expect when developing Linux cookbooks.

Of course, I say "fun" becuase it's been nothing but challenging so far. Most of this has to do with my lack of familiarity with Windows administration, but the lack of existing documentation doesn't help. Matt Wrock's, blog posts have filled this documentation void with some of best information out there on setting up Windows Vagrant boxes and using those boxes in test-kitchen.

With that as the backdrop, I'd been stringing together a series of blog posts and was making some good progress. But eventually I got stuck with kitchen create continuing to try to ssh into the Windows box (should be using win-rm). That's when I decided that I must be doing something stupid and decided to reach out to Matt Wrock on Twitter. Within a few minutes, Matt got back to me, looked at a gist of my setup, and provided the missing bits of information I needed to get kitchen create booting the machine correctly.

This is what I love about Open Source, the willingness of nice people in the community to take time out of their day to help get people unstuck. I will be paying this forward myself.

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